Thursday, May 31, 2012


We love the first unknown
the shadow
unrevealed dark
around the corner
waiting to discover
but not yet

We love the question
not quite answered
The anxious all built up
not calmed by its reality
We love the unknowing
the something to ponder and figure out

We love the endless journey
before the flag sinks into the ground
We love the first glance in the eyes
the held breath before the meet

The first laugh
well, the second

The first kiss
definitely the second

The first joke
probably the third

The first
..You know
Very much the second..the third..
..the fourth..

The first to humor us
the new into old
the shoe worn into the right spots
the joke that no one gets
the gleam underneath the smile
the spoken subject in public that is
..deliciously private

We love.