Thursday, June 14, 2012



Jenny found a penny
and named it Lenny
and carried it with her everyday
Flipping and skipping
making her prediction
Ultimately escaping
her decision making.

So, she didn’t go far
out of her yard
Inquiring heads
and asking the tails
Impatiently awaiting
for that check in the mail.

It’s a hard, long road
that we travel alone
weathering the turns we take
But decisions are made
and we are forced to play
the hand that is dealt on the way.

So, Jenny asked Lenny
if she should marry Benny
and Lenny said that Benny was okay
But Lenny was a penny
and didn’t know Benny
and Jenny made a mistake some say.

It’s a long, long road
The decisions come hard
and who knows the path we should take
Life has its chances
and Tango dances
we are simply forced to fake.

So, Jenny looked at Lenny
and said, “Hey there, Penny,
I think I’ll store you away,
now is the time
and this is the way,
I think I’ll become an adult today.”


  1. This feel like a great song :)

    1. :) I've been told that before..thanks..

  2. Very nice!
    Good pacing, I skipped along with Jenny, Lenny and Penny - and then fell into adulthood!

    Great poem.

    1. Thank you..I did, too. Know Jenny very well, and Benny..ha ha..

  3. Sad...that I know someone who is kind of unwell that basis lots of decisions on this process. Well written.

    1. Thank you..I think all of us do use this way of making decisions to some point..The penny, a metaphor for taking those chances, that we know in our gut, are wrong for us. Thank you for enjoying..

  4. Glad that you found Poetry Jam. Very clever poem. Definitely we take lots of chances in life.

  5. Thank you, Mary, glad to have found it as well. Enjoying lots of poetry..definitely taking more chances..

  6. each choice we make is a chance...and some turn out ok and others not so much...but that is the risk in each and every choice we make...nice write...

  7. Thank are so right and some choices/chances we take may be better made my tossing a coin..

  8. Good for Jenny. I truly agree, one is "grown up" who makes decisions on themselves, not throw a coin or dice and see what comes up. I had fun just reading this rhyme, thanks for sharing.

    - Ravenblack

  9. Love how told this.... the flow and tone is catchy.

  10. Very fun poem, loved the flow and rhythm. And sometimes a choice is just a coin toss:-)

  11. Nice rhythm here. Yes, choices can weigh us down.

  12. Delightful rhyme, great little story!!

  13. This does move like a song lyric and I think that means it has good poetic rhythm! Glad Jenny finally made the leap!

  14. Yes, if we don'e make decisions they do seem to decide themselves. Good reminder.

  15. I like this! It does sound like it could be lyrics to a song. Nice beat and rhythm to it. And a great message, too, to make decision wisely :)

  16. I love the rhythm of this! Quite a fun read indeed :)

  17. Not sure this Penny ever took that decision - guess I'm still a big kid?! LOL. Thanks for a fun read...

  18. P.S. How about taking another decision - to turn off the dratted word verification?